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Apollo E Cig and Blu Cigs: Best E-liquid Option

E-liquid is such a part of electronic cigarettes which can entirely change the demand for any particular e-cig brand. Without suitable e-liquid flavors, no e-cig is perfect enough to attract the customers. To compete with the fast growing e-cig market it is necessary to introduce all possible e-liquid flavors in any particular brand. However, in some leading e-cig brands there are almost all e-liquids. Different reviews proves that Apollo and Blu both are strong in the side of providing all necessary e-liquids demanded by the users.

Review of E-liquids of Apollo and Blu

Apollo is one of the best e-liquid producing company all over the world. It has USP grade PG and VG. In addition, it will provide all food safe ingredients which will provide an authentic flavor from the e-liquids. The laboratory grade nicotine is also available in Apollo e-liquids which makes it suitable for all types of users.

It has All Nighter E-liquid with Caffeine and American Cigar E-liquid. Both of them will cost almost $4.95. Apollo has its Bulk discount E-liquids with 10 pack and 10ml size bottle. All of them will cost only $39.95. Moreover, Apollo has its Tobacco 5 tobacco flavors, 5 exotic blends e-liquids, and 5 fruit fusion e-liquid flavors.

Blu e-cig has also got all type of flavors. However, it is mainly popular for its tobacco flavors. The 7 awesome flavors provided by Blu are Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, and Peach Schnapps.

The perfect tobacco flavor is preferable to the traditional smokers who like to have same taste like tobacco cigarettes. On the other hand, the intoxicating smell of Vivid Vanilla will surely capture your taste. If you like punchy and sweet taste from the flavor then Cherry crush is best for you.

In 2014, the discount through ecig coupon codes option is very lucrative. In the 10 pack e-liquid of Apollo there is a full 15% discount Apollo ecig coupon. On its 5 pack e-liquid it has 25% discount too. In contrast, in two e-liquid purchase there is 10% coupon code for blu cigs and in four e-liquid purchase there is 20% Blu cigs discount codes.


Get To Know Apollo Cigarettes and Halo Cigarettes More

halo cigs review 073 Get To Know Apollo Cigarettes and Halo Cigarettes More

We all know about V2 cigs, Blu cigs and Green Smoke. They are probably the three giants of the electronic cigarette industry. But do we also know about other great brands that are candidates on becoming the next giant brand of the industry too? It is important to know and try as many E-cig brands as you can because people have different taste and you’ll never know. There may be a brand that can surprise you. So broaden your horizons and let’s get to know some of the runner ups on the best. Today, let us talk about Apollo e-cigarettes and Halo e-cigarettes. They are also on top of the E-cigarette ladder and a must try for all vapers.

Apollo e-cigarettes and Halo E-cigarettes are both very reputable E-cig brands that had been around for years now. Apollo cigs has been established in 2010 while Halo cigs has been around since 2008. Both are making superior quality E-cig parts and selling it in very affordable prices that vapers can enjoy. Both even have Apollo e cig coupons and Halo cigs coupons to make the prices even more affordable.

When it comes to performance, it is said that Halo cigs have one of the longest lasting batteries in the industry. Their batteries can last up to 4hrs while others only last around 2hours. Furthermore, reviews say that Halo cigs also produce really thick vapor and strong throat hit making it second to Green Smoke as the brand that gives the closest experience to the real thing. Apollo cigs on the other hand is said to be the brand that gives the smoothest performance. Meaning in just little puffs or efforts, Apollo cigs can produce great vapor and throat hit unlike other brands where you need to puff big just to get a satisfying experience.

Both Apollo cigs and Halo cigs are also manufacturing 100% US made E-liquids so you are sure that you are getting quality at its best. It is also worth nothing that they are also one of the few brands that offers E-liquid refills alongside with V2 cigs (Blu cigs and Green Smoke don’t offer it). This is great because it gives people the chance to even up their savings by refilling and reusing their cartridges rather than replacing it all the time. Apollo cigs and Halo cigs both have a huge collection of flavors. They even beat the top 3 brands when it comes to flavors. Halo cigs offer 25 awesome flavors with the emphasis on getting different blends of Tobacco in their collection and some menthol and exotic flavors too. Apollo cigs on the other hand also offers 25 flavors but are best known for their fruity flavors.

Think that V2 cigs collection is already diverse enough? Apollo cigs and Halo cigs can also compete with that. Halo cigs offer a lot of E-cig accessories, different E-cig colors and styles and they are selling 2 different types of E-cigs. That’s right. Halo cigs offer the Halo G6 which is the cig-a-like type and the Halo Triton tank which is an eGo type, a much bigger and more powerful E-cig type. Apollo cigs on the other hand doesn’t offer that much E-cig accessories. But what they lack on that, they made up on their starter kits as Apollo cigs has one of the most diverse starter kits in the industry. While other brands starter kits showcase almost the same products just different number of it, Apollo cigs starter kits showcase different types of E-cigarettes. The Standard and the Extreme starter kit are cig-a-like types perfect for beginners, the Superior eGo kit is an eGo style and the most powerful kit which is the Vtube Kit is a voltaic vaporizer type where one can control the thickness of vapor they can get.


A Quick Review Of V2 Cigs, Halo Cigs and Apollo Cigs

According to the daily mail reported this year, doctors say e-cigarettes are proving to be effective to help smokers quit. Though not the healthiest way, but at least it could save millions of lives. Due to this study, there are plenty of manufacturers has participated in this industry.

The Most Favorite Ecig: V2-Cigs

First, let us talk about v2-cigs. V2 cigs most valuable asset is their flavors which is one of the best collection of flavors around. They have awesome tobacco flavors that mimics real cigarette flavors like “V2 Red” taste like Marlboro Cigarettes. As for the design, the V2 Cigs embraces a quality as good as it gets. They offer rechargeable and disposable units as well as the choice for automatic or manual battery. As one of the most popular e cig in the market, they also sell a wired USB called ‘V2 Power-Cig’. The unit works extremely well with all-round satisfying features. Their accessory has extras that please many charging cases. Their great quality finish and attention to the detail matters a lot. The Vapor production has been improved and developed by reaching the perfect balance. Having a close feeling to a real cigarette is the reason why the product has done so well. The balanced has been right, the noise was, very quiet, not scratchy and has even distribution. As of the battery, expect 160+ Puffs for shorty, 200+ Puffs for standards and 300+ Puffs for long. Experts unanimously agreed that v2-cigs it the most favorite e cig of all time.

V2 cigs coupon codes
On top of its winning tobacco flavor and superior quality E-cigarettes, there is something that makes it a favorite choice of America. We are talking about V2 cigs coupon codes. V2 cigs giveaway a lot of V2 cigs coupons that people can use to get instant discounts. Our friends at have some great V2 cigs coupons for you.

The Most Flexible Ecig: Halo Ecig

Halo is the most flexible ecigs because it has a wide variety of flavors to suit your personal taste. Halo has a sheer of flavors, built on a solid construction and flexible in terms of your needs. When ordering either over the phone or online, the prices listed come from the manufacturer. They may differ somewhat depending on the retailer and any discounts or coupons that they might offer. Above all, the warranty is rather limited compared to other manufacturers who offer more than a year on their starter kits. While the cartomizer and tank are basically non-moving parts, the fact that the battery has only a 60 day warranty and the 90 day warranty for the charger is quite annoying for some people.

Halo cigs coupon codes
Halo cigs also have some great coupon codes to offer for their customers. We just found some at that can let you save 10% in your purchases.

The Most Notable Ecig: Apollo

With its high-end reputation and appeal, the Apollo e-cig is one of the most notable ecigs in the marketplace. While Apollo is not as popular as some other brands, it still provides considerable advantages. Basically, Apollo is designed for people having small budgets, at the same time enjoy up to the premium units. No doubt, Apollo is definitely under premium category, but does not necessarily mean it is one of the best. Having the best packaging is the dream of every business person. Their packaging is simply remarkable. As you can see, Apollo has created the best looking versions of e-cig products. A disposable Apollo is good for up to 500 puffs and this makes it extremely remarkable. The vapor quality is really outstanding. The other surprising feature has an older battery design that delivers two hours worth of vaping.

Apollo cigs coupon codes
It is noteworthy to mention that electronic cigarettes can save you lots of money. Any ex-tobacco smokers can tell you how much money they have saved with electronic cigarettes and with these Apollo coupons that you can even save more money.


Best E-Cigarettes In The Market

2014.01.10 ecigologist 051 Best E Cigarettes In The Market

Looking for the best electronic cigarettes in the market? Well if you are new to the vaping world, you probably would go look for electronic cigarette review sites to look for the list of the best E-cigarettes. This is right, however, you must first know that there are two types of electronic cigarettes before going into a list. This is because in a list of the best E-cigs, the types are already jumbled up and it’s hard to check which brand is which. The two types of E-cigarettes are: the cig-a-like type and the eGo style vaporizers. The cig-a-like type looks like a standard type cigarette and perfect for beginners while the eGo style is a tank design with much more power and perfect for advanced vapers. With this in mind, we can now list the best E-cigarettes in the market according to the type of E-cigarettes.


#1 VaporZone – great products, great design, powerful batteries and amazing line of e-juice.

#2 Volcano Cigs – got the thickest vapor production ever.

#3 Halo Cigs Triton – Powerful vaporizers that are so easy to use.

#4 Apollo Cigs – great line of vaporizers in a very affordable price.

Cig-a-like Type

#1 V2 Cigs – Best flavors and best E-cigarettes in a very affordable price. Longest product warranty and superb customer service too. Our personal choice of E-cig brand.

Get V2 cigs today with these V2 cigs coupon codes and get as much as 25% off in your purchase.

#2 Bull Smoke – cheapest high quality E-cigarette that you can get

#3 Blu cigs – the perfect E-cigarette for beginner vaper

Get this blu cigs coupon today to get 5% off in all starter kits and even make your transition easier.

#4 Green Smoke – great product and thickest vapor


Try the Halo E-Liquid!

halo juice Try the Halo E Liquid!

Been using e-cigarettes and haven’t found the perfect flavor just yet?

Continue reading and we’ll surely hook you up with one of the industry’s best contenders!

Introducing Halo Cigs, an American e-cigarette brand that specializes on manufacturing high-quality e-liquid.
They recognize that e-liquid imported from overseas are not made of top quality, so they use only approved American-made ingredients in all their products. Their flavorings are provided by a world-class FEMA GRAS facility, meaning these ingredients have been tested with rigorous standards and are deemed safe for use. Plus, they have established a standardized manufacturing procedure, so you always a good batch, no matter what flavor you get.

Learn more about the Halo E-Liquid

Halo is known for manufacturing e-liquid that delivers well in flavor and performance.

They currently have twelve different varieties of tobacco-flavored e-liquid, including Turkish Tobacco and Southern Classic. They also have four menthol flavors that guarantee to provide a unique vaping experience that mimics the feel and taste of traditional menthol cigarettes. In addition, they also have six gourmet flavors such as Kringle’s Curse, Shamrock, Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Twisted Java and Café Mocha. These are a good mix of sweet and tasty, so they are designed to be vaped all day.

A strong throat hit is what differentiates a good smoke juice from another. Throat hit is the feeling you get when the nicotine hits the back of your throat. Halo E-Liquid is designed to provide a strong throat hit without the need for additional nicotine. This means you don’t have to over-consume nicotine just to get the desired level of throat hit you used to get from smoking traditional cigarettes.

Use Halo Cigs Coupon Codes to Avail of Discounts
Stop settling for less than satisfying e-liquid and make sure to enjoy every bit of your vaping experience with Halo Cigs. Thanks to this halo cigs coupons we found at DealoMetry, we learned that you could get a 5% discount on e-liquid if you key in “SUMO” upon checkout. Plus there are more other electronic cigarette coupons that DealoMetry offers!

Getting a discount on something that is worth paying full price for always makes for a happy surprise, doesn’t it just?